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Trackle-free hydraulic power pliers

  • Model SLD toothless hydraulic power pliers

Model SLD toothless hydraulic power pliers


SLD type toothless hydraulic power tong is an open type power tong used to unload 3/8-4½"  tubing and 4½"-5½" casing 7-5/8" casing in oil and gas field and offshore oilfield testing and workover operations. The power tong is redesigned and improved on the basis of absorbing the advantages of "Aike" company in the United States. By replacing the special tong head and adopting non-metallic special tooth block, the power tong can achieve no tooth mark on the string. It is widely used in the operation of lifting 9Cr, 13Cr, 22Cr, 25cr and other special strings in offshore oil and gas fields with high sulfur content.

This product has two utility model patents, one invention patent, patent number: utility model: zl201320528350.6; zl201320528217.0; Invention patent zl20141014996.8. This product is a high-tech product in Jiangsu Province, and the supporting torque automatic control system has software copyright.

This product has the following characteristics:

  • The main tong adopts double brake structure, which greatly increases the braking force and makes the clamping performance more reliable without slipping.

  • The main and backup tongs are matched, and the operating lever of multi-channel valve is used to clamp or loosen the pipe string respectively.

  • The front guide rod adopts the lengthened type, and the rear guide rod adopts the gantry type, which can realize the main and backup tongs to clamp the pipe column body, which is convenient for installing the disk sensor on the rear guide rod, and ensures that the main backup tong will not twist and turn during the use of the Tong, and the accuracy of the number of turns displayed by the torque meter is high.

  • The back-up tong adopts double oil cylinder lever type clamping structure, which can realize the full encirclement of the pipe string by the tong head.

  • With the torque control system, the torque can be set, controlled, recorded and saved, and the torque curve can be drawn automatically.

5 1-2无压痕油管钳1.jpg                    5 1-2无压痕油管钳2.jpg

5 1/2Toothless tubing tongs

7 5-8无压痕油管钳.jpg                  5 1-2无压痕油管钳3.jpg

    7 5/8Toothless tubing tongs                   Toothless tubing tongs - blocks



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