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Hydraulic power tongs for workover

  • XQ114 Series Pipe Pliers

XQ114 Series Pipe Pliers


XQ114 hydraulic power tong is a special machine used to load and unload tubing thread in Oilfield workover operation. This product is driven by high torque cycloid oil motor. The H-type manual reversing valve is directly matched with the oil motor. It is a medium and medium-sized tubing tong for workover at present.

This product has the following characteristics:

  • The tong head adopts advanced clamping mechanism with reliable clamping performance and long service life.

  • The difference between the two gears is large, the speed of high gear is fast, and the torque of low gear is large.

  • The brake mechanism of the tong head is set on the upper cover plate of the tong head, which is very convenient for adjustment and maintenance.

  • The new hydraulic back-up tong is matched with the main tong to form a combined Tong. By operating the manual reversing valve on the main tong, the backup tong can simultaneously clamp or loosen the pipe string with the main tong, which is flexible and reliable.

  • By adjusting the oil supply pressure, the optimum torque required for making up various steel grade tubing can be obtained.

  • Optional torque automatic control system.


XQ114 Series Pipe Pliers