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Hydraulic power tongs for workover

  • Closing pliers

Closing pliers


XQ89/8YA hydraulic power tong is a kind of closed-end power tong used to quickly load and unload pipe rod screw in Oilfield workover operation. It can be used in both onshore and offshore oilfields. It is suitable for the installation and disassembly of tubing and small drill pipe joints within the specification range of Ф60~89mm(2 3/8~3 1/2"),

This product has the following characteristics:

  • It is not necessary to replace any parts for clamping any specification string within the applicable scope.

  • All transmission parts are enclosed in the shell and are not easy to be damaged.

  • Straight cylindrical gear transmission, simple structure, convenient maintenance.

  • Reliable clamping performance and long service life.

  • The main and back-up tong is fully hydraulic linkage without air supply.

  • Optional torque automatic control system.


XQB 89/8YA



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