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Hydraulic screwing machine

  • Hydraulic screwdriver (mounting and disassembling frame)

Hydraulic screwdriver (mounting and disassembling frame)


(This product has 3 invention patents)

The screwdriver (disassembly and mounting frame) is a special machine which is widely used in oil fields and work enterprises for loading and unloading oil sleeves and other downhole tool threaded joints.This product has the following features:

The main back pliers are clamped by cylinders with reliable clamping performance and can be clamped without toothmarks.

The main pliers can rotate any turn 360 degrees continuously; the back pliers set the left and right movement device.

Hydraulic control device provides power for active drive. Motor drives piston pump. High-pressure oil passes through multi-way valve and controls main pliers forward rotation (reverse rotation), clamping (loosening), clamping (loosening) and moving (left and right) of main pliers respectively. There are 3 pressure-regulating handwheels on the control panel to facilitate pressure adjustment.

Automatic Torque Control System: After setting the torque value, through the sensor under the back pliers to measure the signal, after computer processing, automatically generate the cycles-torque, time-torque, speed-time curves. When the set torque value is buckled up, the relief valve automatically unloads, the equipment stops rotating, the buckle torque can be determined, the Chinese and English interfaces can switch freely, kilo-Nm and foot-pounds.Switch freely.

To achieve automatic deceleration when the torque is close to the set torque.

Equipment Configuration Table(The cost of optional parts and optional functions needs to be increased. Please contact the manufacturer's personnel for details)




Hydraulic Screwdriver - Back pliers Open (Figure 2 Upper)




Hydraulic screwdriver (Figure 3 above)


Completion Sand Control Tool Maintenance System

Main parameters of maintenance system for completion sand control tools:

Clamping pipe diameter range 48~245m m, maximum torque 40KN.m, with ultra-short distance clamping function, toothless function, push-pull track 15m, maximum push-pull force 15t, with automatic torque control system, with automatic push-pull force measurement and control system!



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