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Lower open screwdriver

  • Lower open screwdriver (mounting and disassembling frame)

Lower open screwdriver (mounting and disassembling frame)


The down-opening screwdriver is a downward-facing screwdriver with the opening of the main back pliers used for up-and-down pipe rod joint threads in oil field workover operations.It is composed of main pliers and back pliers. The back pliers are fixed on the support and slide left and right.

The pliers are clamped bi-directionally by roller with inner surface climbing.Back pliers employ a double-cylinder lever clamping structure to achieve full enclosure of the pliers around the pipe column.The main and back pliers are matched and the operating lever of the multi-way valve is operated so that the main and back pliers can clamp or loosen the pipe column respectively.Torque control system can be equipped to set, control, record and save the torque, and automatically draw the number of turns of the torque curve.

Lower open screwdriver

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