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Minor repair automation device

  • Minor repair automation

Minor repair automation


The automatic operation system for minor repair of oil wells manufactured by Jiangsu Shenlida Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and supervised by Jilin Oilfield has been successfully tested in well 37-11 of Xinmin Oil Production Plant after field installation and commissioning.

During the test, each component has flexible control and proper action, and can successfully complete the work of lifting and lowering pipes.

1) On-site operation is performed by 3 people, 1 driller, mainly controlling the up and down movement of hook, lifting and draining pipe; 1 wellhead worker, remotely controlling lifting ring, lifting card, hydraulic pliers, mechanical hand and pneumatic chuck; 1 site worker, remotely controlling lifter, transferring suction rod and oil pipe.

2) During the test, the single lifting rod and pipe can be completed in 2 minutes, which is 25% higher than the efficiency of the existing operation mode.

3) During operation, it greatly improves working environment, reduces labor intensity and reduces safety risks.


Composition of overhaul automatic working device:

1. Independent Work Platform

Adjustable height to suit different wellhead operations; integrated power chuck, automatic hydraulic pliers, centring manipulator, integrated transportation; with wellhead waste liquid collection function to reduce pollution during operation.

2. Turnable power lifting clip

Automatic opening and turning of lifting clip body; interlocking with pneumatic chuck to avoid misoperation.The inner part can be fitted with rod clamping core, and is suitable for clamping rod and oil pipe.

3. Yaw hoist ring

Make the lifting ring have roll function, so that the lifting clip can be easily hanged on the suction rod and oil pipe coupling.

4. Pneumatic chuck

Pneumatic control enables automatic opening and closing of the clamping well string; replaces the lower lifting clamp; and reduces damage to the oil pipe by micro-indentation toothed plate.

5. Automatic hydraulic pliers for suction rod/tubing

It adopts the gantry structure, advances and backwards automatically, buckles and unloads automatically, shifts automatically, and installs the centralizer to avoid damaging the pipe rod threads.

6. Centering Robot

Send the oil line to the conveyor when starting the pipe; take the oil line from the conveyor when leaving the pipe and assist in the alignment of the oil line.

7. Pipe rod automatic conveyor

In the whole operation system, the pipe is automatically unloaded, the upper pipe can be automatically expanded, lifted and turned, and the lifting and lowering pipe can move freely.

8. Power control part

Power system: It is placed on the conveyor to provide power for the wellhead platform and the conveyor respectively.

Electro-hydraulic control system: the use of solenoid valves and various hydraulic control valves is to achieve centralized control of various components of the system, to control the precise action of each component; each action can achieve remote control


Independent Operating Platform                                                    Turn over lifting clip


Pipe rod conveyor

气动卡瓦.jpg       88c23bddcebc9a423b647bb4f66c112.jpg

Pneumatic chuck                               Automatic hydraulic pliers for suction rod/pipe 



Button control cabinet


Power system (in the conveyor base)

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