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Pipe rod automatic conveyor

  • Drilling rig pipe conveyor (power catwalk)

Drilling rig pipe conveyor (power catwalk)


The power cat track is composed of mechanical system, hydraulic system and electric control system. The mechanical system includes components such as base, support arm, transfer arm, ramp, skid trolley, pipe rack, etc. The lifting arm and support arm are pulled up and down by hydraulic drive winch installed in the ramp to realize the operation of the drilling tool on the upper and lower platforms. The skid trolley can move the drilling tool forward and backward axially within the transfer arm.Operation.The powered cat track can completely replace the existing artificial cat track.


The upper and lower drilling floor are highly automated and safe.

"Local + remote" operation, flexible operation;

It has one-button operation function, easy to learn and operate.

Hydraulic drive, infinitely adjustable delivery speed, high efficiency;

Redundant design of hoisting rope system, single wire rope break can still work;

Redundant design of hydraulic system, single pump failure can still work at low speed;

The system design takes full account of fault treatment, retains the functions of traditional ramp and catwalk, and can also be operated manually for downhole drill pipe.



Drill floor height: 7-9m

Suitable for drilling tool diameter range: 2-3/8~20(60.3mm~508mm)

Suitable for types of drilling tools: oil pipe, casing, drill pipe, drill collar, downhole tools, etc.

Maximum Load Weight: 4.5t (Considered by Maximum Weight Collar)

Maximum length of adaptive drilling tool: 14.5m

Horizontal movement distance of drilling tool: 13m

Requirements for working environment: - 20 ~55 ~C, humidity < 90% (+20 ~C)

Total Equipment Requirements:<32t

Equipment can be transported in an integrated manner;

Remote wireless remote control;

In case of equipment failure, manual drilling tools can be operated from floor to floor.

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