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Hydraulic screwing machine

  • SLDI Hydraulic screwing machine

SLDI Hydraulic screwing machine


    SLDI size breakout unit with six radial cylinders is designed for workshop to make-up and break- out thread connection of down hole motor rotatingand sliding chuck are all adjustable clamping cylinder,fix and clamp workpiece by chuck body and tong. Sides plates of sliding chuck link together with chuck body in bearing base and through end flange achieve limitation. There is rotating chuck orbit, draw tool orbit and faster screwing tool. Through conducting rod position and double clamping, to achieve faster screwing by four friction wheel.Thus,it move expediently and complete clamping, screwing,spinning, and draw at the same time. This may greatly reduce labour strength and enhance working efficiency. The unit is ideal for making and breaking threaded connections on downhole drilling motors,drilling jars, shock subs and other large diameter tools.

Equipment Configuration Table(The cost of optional parts and optional functions needs to be increased. Please contact the manufacturer's personnel for details)



Base Machine


Extended Beam (customized)/Hydraulic Stand(customized)

扭矩仪控制系统.png 液压系统.png

Torque System/Torque control Console                                            Hydraulic Unit