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Casing hydraulic power pliers

  • TQ14"-68 Casing pliers

TQ14"-68 Casing pliers


Fully hydraulic sleeve power tongs are widely used for the threads of upper and lower sleeves or pipes during casing operation in petroleum mines.The product is fully hydraulic driven and uses swing cylinder type large torque motor and mechanical gearshift. It is simple, reliable and safe to operate.It can be equipped with a torque meter to monitor and manage the pressure, torque and number of turns by computer.Power tongs comply with SY/T5074 and API Spec 7K specifications.

This product has the following features:

  • Open type, optimum ratio of shear;

  • Brake with upper and lower centring mechanism;

  • Hydraulic type, two speeds, gear shift;

  • Torque table, optional torque control system, display, record and control the upper buckle torque.

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