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Casing hydraulic power pliers

  • KHT Heavy-Duty Casing Power Pliers

KHT Heavy-Duty Casing Power Pliers


KHT heavy-duty casing power tong is applicable to upper and lower pipe threads during casing operation in oil field. It is a heavy-duty casing tong applicable to 4 1/2"-13 5/8" with maximum diameter of 20". Its operation efficiency is high, labor intensity is greatly reduced, quality of casing-column threaded connection is improved and casing-string accidents caused by improper casing operation are reduced.

This product has the following features:

  • Open type, wide speed range, large rated torque and high strength of pliers;

  • Braking mode, high braking torque, simple operation, easy maintenance and replacement;

  • The supporting structure of open large gear increases the strength and rigidity of open large gear greatly.

  • The shell is made of high-strength steel plate with good overall strength.Each jaw plate is manufactured by precision casting or forging process with good appearance and high strength.

  • With hydraulic torque indicator and installation interface of the number of turns torque meter, it is easy to realize computer management.

  • Customizable low stress pliers for corrosion resistant alloy sleeves (indentation free);


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KHT9625 Casing pliers       



KHT14-105 Casing pliers

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      KHT13-108 Casing pliers                                      KHT20-105 Casing pliers