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Extra large torque screwdriver

  • Extra large torque screwdriver (disassembly frame)

Extra large torque screwdriver (disassembly frame)


(This product has 3 invention patents)

Extra-large torque screwdriver is an important equipment for dismantling, assembling and repairing threaded connections of various oil and geological drilling tools, pipe strings and other downhole tools.

Extra large torque screwdriver adopts the internationally advanced multi-cylinder radial synchronous hydraulic clamping method, with uniform distribution of clamping force, reliable clamping workpiece, no slippage and convenient adjustment of clamping diameter; suspension type quick turning device can eliminate vibration of turning buckle and greatly improve turning speed; it has axial pulling device to provide adjustable axial pulling force; it adopts full hydraulic centralized operation.As a console, the pressure and torque values can be read directly, and the functions of turning, clamping and moving are easy to operate and convenient.Hydraulic system components are medium and high-end hydraulic components, which ensure the reliability and stability of the equipment.

Extra-large torque screwdriver can not only continuously screw but also greatly torque buckle with high working efficiency; it can complete the screw once clamping with few bite marks; it can achieve automatic unloading of set torque and has high safety.

Digital display hydraulic disassembly frame is equipped with high-precision torque testing device and data acquisition and display system, which can precisely control the twist torque and ensure the quality of the twist.

Equipment Configuration Table(The cost of optional parts and optional functions needs to be increased. Please contact the manufacturer's personnel for details)





Extra large torque screwdriver



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