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Hydraulic test stand

  • The drilling tool test board

The drilling tool test board


The purpose of the drilling tool test board is to provide a kind of simulation test device for the hydraulic oscillator used in drilling, which is used to simulate the working parameters of the hydraulic oscillator under the down hole preloading, and to provide the basis for the operation design of the vibration special down hole tools, the field development and adjustment of the tool structure parameters and construction technology.

The simulated down hole pre-loading force is the push-pull force provided by the test host. The required working parameters are collected by the data acquisition system such as frequency, impact, amplitude, pressure, torque and other data. The testing process has a high degree of automation, which can meet the needs of manufacturers and oilfields for performance testing of drilling tools.





1) Test host application range:3 1/8"~9 5/8"

2)     Applicable tool length of test board:615~7800mm

3)     Push/pull cylinder pressure: 0~100 KN

4)     Vibration frequency test:0~100HZ       

5)     Amplitude inspection:0~50mm     

6)     Impact test:0~150 KN

7)     Vibration shock instant acceleration detection:0~5times acceleration of gravity

8)     Dimension(L×W×H) :16800×1425×1720mm

9)     Rated system pressure:0~16MPa Adjustable

10)     Push/pull cylinder system Pressure:0~5MPa Adjustable

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