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Hydraulic power tongs for workover

  • XQ140 Series Pipe Pliers

XQ140 Series Pipe Pliers


XQ140 tubing tong series is a kind of open type power tongs for loading and unloading 3/8"-3½" drill pipe, 2 7/8"- 4½" tubing and 4½"-5½" casing in Oilfield workover operation.

This product has the following characteristics:

  • The main tong is driven by high torque hydraulic motor, and the backup tong is driven by rack plunger, which is simple in transmission and compact in structure.

  • The main and backup tongs adopt inner curved roller climbing type clamping mechanism, which can clamp and loosen timely and reliably.

  • The main tong head is equipped with upper, lower, inner and outer centralizing mechanism, with stable rotation and long service life.

  • The main and back-up tongs are matched, and the manual reversing valve can be operated to clamp or loosen the string synchronously.

  • The friction brake mechanism is set on the upper part of the tong head, which is convenient for adjustment and maintenance.

  • Manual directional valve and reset knob cooperate, reversing is flexible and convenient.

  • It is equipped with automatic opening and closing safety door device, which plays a role of safety protection when working.

  • Optional torque automatic control system.



    XQ140 Series Pipe Pliers


XQ140-12/20YA Series Pipe Pliers

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XQ140-12/20YB Series Pipe Pliers