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Pipe rod automatic conveyor

  • Small pipe conveyor

Small pipe conveyor


Small pipe conveyor is used in 1~3M platform to realize automatic pipe transfer and pipe drainage between pipe bench and platform.The small conveyor can not only convey the pipe rods on the pipe bent to the platform, but also convey the extracted pipe rods from the wellhead downwards to the pipe bent. It solves the problems of time-consuming, laborious and poor safety of the pipe rods and pipe drainage during the traditional workover operation, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operators and the occurrence of safety accidents, and effectively improves the work efficiency.




Suitable drilling floor height: 1.0m~3.0m

Rated conveying load: 300kg

Maximum conveying load: 500kg

Adaptive drainage height: 0.4-0.95m

Maximum length of pipe rod: 10.5m

Maximum conveyor pipe diameter: 114 mm

Operation cycle:<45s

Total mass: 2000 kg

Adaptation to environment: temperature: -20 ~+55 ~C, humidity:<90% (+20 ~C) normal operation

Workspace (length x width x height): 9000 x 3200 x 4500mm

Transport Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 9000 x 2300 x 1550mm

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