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Hydraulic screwing machine

  • Top opening bucking unit(8026) Model: SLD8026

Top opening bucking unit(8026) Model: SLD8026


1,  Technical parameters of bucking unit operation:

 1.1 Main parameters/capacity of bucking unit

     1) Top opening Tailstock: 3 1/2”-14”(standard tong die)

Clamp OD range: 2 1/2-13(extra tall tong die)

2) Clamping force of headstock and top opening tailstock ≥3000Psi;

3) Min torque 10,000ft/lbs;

4) Max. makeup torque: 150,000 ft/lbs,  Max. breakout torque: 190,000 ft/lbs;

5) Spacing between headstock and top opening tailstock ≥3.5m;

6) Headstock: 3-1/2—18standard tong die

Clamp OD Range: 2 1/2”-17”, It can be opened and closed 90° hydraulically to facilitate the access of special-shaped long pipes;

7) Six hydraulic cylinders of the headstock and top opening tailstock move uniformly and synchronously, with synchronization accuracy of not less than 98%;

8) One-time punching angle of the top opening tailstock is 30 degrees, and the reciprocating stroke is 6 times/minute;

9)  Travel speed of top opening tailstock ≤2m/min;

10) Headstock and top opening tailstock end, with fixed tool support 1 set of jack, which can move and hydraulic lift with the tailstock, and the bearing capacity is not less than 2.5 tons;

11) The headstock and tailstock can extend the travel of the movable jack steel beam to 8 meters respectively, which is used for butt joint of long pipe tools;

12) The steel beam travel sections of the headstock and tailstock steel beam are equipped with two movable jacks respectively, with a bearing capacity of more than 2.5T;

13) Push/pull device is installed in the direction of the headstock, and the metal pipe chain is suitable for matching the rail length.

14) When the equipment reaches the target torque, it can continue to maintain the same pressure without pressure increase or automatic pressure relief; Torque and clamping force can be controlled at the same pressure value;

  1.2 Main parameters/working capacity of hydraulic system of bucking unit

         1)Working noise of hydraulic unit: ≤80dB;

 2)Power requirement of motor oil pump: 14.9kw/h—37kw/h  AC 380V 50HZ,

 3)There is one system pressure gauge, one high and low torque gauge, one pull/push gauge, one emergency stop button, and several hydraulic operating levels on the console;

   4)When the low torque gauge returns to zero and reaches 900PSI, it will automatically switch to the high torque gauge, and the high torque gauge will continue to display the pressure value and torque value;

  5)The front of the console is equipped with a safety guide plate, and the steel thickness of the safety guide plate is not less than 3mm;

1.3 Main parameters/working capacity of Spinner

1)Max. spinning torque 1500 lb-ft

2)Spinning speed not less than 90 rpm

3)pipe size range: 2-1/2—14

4)Suspension structure of quick spinner;


1.4 Main parameters/working capacity of push/pull

a)stroke ≥1.2meters

b)Max. pushing force ≥60,000lbs, Max. pulling force≥40,000lbs

    1.5 Sensor requirements

             1) Torque sensor requirements: Honeywell oil pressure sensor or equivalent brand;


1.6 Torque recordable computer operating system

 1)Industrial control color touch screen, which can adapt to the industrial control operating system matching the current actual use;

2)The operation control screen has the touch input function, and retains the mechanical hard disk socket and USB socket

3) Real-time clamping torque, torque, rotary speed, etc. are displayed on the screen when the equipment is running, and the correction accuracy of the system recorded data is ± 5%;

4)Data can be downloaded from USB



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